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Citadel's Shadow II is a campaign centered in Delctra's Cauldron Borough of Trynser City that was headed by the late Michael Lee Viviano using the GURPS system. It overlaps with the Best of Both Worlds campaign for BoBW sessions that take place in Edyleine. It was preceded by Citadel's Shadow I.

Citadel's Shadow IIb and Citadel's Shadow IIc are the same campaign but designate sessions run or co-run by Alden Loveshade and Miley Spears respectively (see the categories for a full list).

Also see Citadel's Shadow II Character Creation Guidelines

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All summaries done by Rail Runner except as noted here or in the editing history.

Session 1: "A Teachable Moment" Fern the Siegemaster, Juan de Fulmando, Thaddeus Young and friends celebrated New Year's Festival when they learned of a threat to teacher Professor Chalk.

Session 2: "Professor Chalk Must Die!" Fern the Siegemaster, Juan de Fulmando and Thaddeus Young successfully defeated six Sardaster cultists who attacked Professor Chalk.

Session 3: "The Broadsword of Ozsym" After getting some sleep, Fern the Siegemaster, Juan de Fulmando, Juan's wards Fuylu and Heva, two of Fern's roommates, and Henna's boyfriend went to Razda's Lharasian Eats to eat together.

Session 4: "Rats!" Rats suddenly started causing much more trouble in the neighborhood than usual; Fern the Siegemaster and Juan de Fulmando (with an embarrassing incident with Eliza Boulavier) investigated it.

Session 5: "Black and White and Red All Over" Fern the Siegemaster, Juan de Fulmando and Augustus Scitoria continued the investigation; after hearing a dog yelping in the distance, they came there and were about to get into a fight with the rats.

Session 6: "This Bridge Looks Like My Sister-in-law's Throwover" Augustus Scitoria, Fern the Siegemaster, and Juan de Fulmando successfully defeated dozens of rats (although with treated injuries). Fern, Juan, and Hanna Gruskin went to St. Bassard's so Fern could get her rifle.

Session 7: "Witch on a Stick" Augustus Scitoria, Fern the Siegemaster, Juan de Fulmando and Hanna Gruskin met at Witch on a Stick tavern where they found directions to Packer's Cave owned by Hanna's brother Vilburd Gruskin; they went there, and got into his shack that was nearby.

Session 8: "Alas, Packer" Fern the Siegemaster and Juan de Fulmando entered Packer's Cave and found the corpse of dwarf Vilburd Gruskin inside; soon, Jinxi joined them inside the cave as they went deeper.

Session 9: "Fern Gone Wild" Fern the Siegemaster, Juan de Fulmando and Jinxi successfully defeated some rats in Packer's Cave; Fern regressed into an animal-like state after she was wounded by the rats.

Session 10: "Until We Get to Know Each Other" Juan de Fulmando and Jinxi successfully defeated some more rats in Packer's Cave, including larger ones; Fern recovered and rejoined them after the fight, and then they all went to Cauldron Hall to report the rat situation and finding the corpse of Vilburd Gruskin to Constable Thuddeus Gunch.

Session 11: "Not All Fools Wear Costumes" Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi, and Juan de Fulmando talked to Thuddeus Gunch about a firearm license, then received medical treatment and went to sleep. On the next day, Jinxi got sick and was brought to hospital by Juan; then, Fern and Juan met Master Donghai Ping in his workshop to help make a rat trap; Fern successfully made an early prototype for a spring rat trap.

Session 12: "Might You Need Some Legal Assistance?" Juan de Fulmando and Fern the Siegemaster met with Hanna Gruskin at Witch on a Stick and met Sir Lyus A. Sleyden, attorney-at-law, there. Then Juan and Fern visited Jinxi in a hospital, and on the way home they met a group of five fox-people who were trying to hit on Fern.

Session 13: "Hired Help" Juan de Fulmando and Fern the Siegemaster visited Jinxi at hospital, then met Hanna Gruskin and three people, Krendall Moulerbos, Yagritte Ratreaper, and Ursula Nidonge, who were hired to solve the city-wide rat problem, at Constable Thuddeus Gunch's office. Juan, Fern and the hired rat hunters then made their way to Packer's Cave; Jinxi showed up too along with late-arriving Ursula. Then everyone went into the cave.

Session 14: "KRRRendall" Juan de Fulmando, Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi and three hired rat hunters fought rats in the cave. They cleaned out two rooms; first was full of bundles and ceramic jars, second had busted up statues of a cat-headed goddess (Dirobra) and some torn up bags of cat food; both rooms also had rats inside.

Session 15: "The Goo Monster" Juan de Fulmando, Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi and three hired rat hunters continued exploring Packer's Cave. The third room had spikes, gears, and large blades like what might be used on a guillotine. Krendall, who got there first, got attacked by a goo monster (which was killed later), and got hurt badly enough to need urgent medical attention and rest. The group went to "The Inn of the Innocence" to get some rest.

Session 16: "The Inn of the Innocence" While resting, Krendall got drunk and accidentally got into a fight with a group of several huge half-orcs, then Fern fired her rifle into the wall, and stopped the brawl with the sound. Thuddeus Gunch then went in and checked what happened, then left. After Fern repaired the hole in the wall made by her rifle, all the group (except Krendall) returned to the cave and found a crude non-living skeleton right next to the entrance, and found the wounded Giles Mumfret lying in the spike trap; Ursula and Juan healed him, but he went unconscious.

Session 17: "The Rat King" Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi, Juan de Fulmando, Ursula Nidonge, and Yagritte Ratreaper got a man with a horse-cart to take Giles Mumfret to the hospital for a crown, and continued exploring Packer's Cave. In the fourth room the group was ambushed by rats, and during the fight, Yagritte, temporarily controlled by the Rat King, attacked Juan, but the group defeated them, which seemingly solved the rat problem. After that, everyone went outside.

Session 18: "Theater of Thrills" Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi, Juan de Fulmando, Yagritte Ratreaper and Ursula Nidonge went to Madame Maude Lynn's Theater of Thrills. Fern, Juan, and Jinxi did some performance on the stage, each their own; other performers were Kenna Tharzin, Primrose Tunk (very badly-received), Slammy Killmaster (poorly received), and Fozbonia. Fozbonia, Juan, and Jinxi were asked to return to perform, for pay. Then Juan flirted with Ursula, and the group watched play named The Black Cabriolet Rides Through Temples.

Session 19: "Expelled" Within the following 8 days, Fern attended classes and did some workshop work; on Ulthrane 16 she saved the life of a goblin student named Turgan Tin-Finger, who was wounded by school bullies; he became her assistant immediately. Meanwhile, Juan met with Gella Ilrin, Sleyden, and Hanna Gruskin to discuss about salvaging Packer's cave. Juan met Audrea Daleos, a magic student who was just kicked out of a magic school, and offered her a room in exchange for her doing chores at his home; she agreed and was taken there. On Liberation Day, Juan met Ursula Nidonge in the Old Palace Ward; they saw the military parade and a public address by Princess Imperial Alexandria Souixen Galderon. On Ulthrane 21, Juan and Ursula went to diner at Master Donghai Ping's, where Ursula met Juan's wards, and Ping's wife and son. Juan and Ursula played draughts and then kissed at the end of the evening; Ursula told Juan that she planned to see him and Jinxi perform at Madame Maude Lynn's Theater of Thrills on Ulthrane 24.

Session 20: "Your Wagon is Overloaded" At supper, Princess Alarra Gormann was angry about receiving crackers instead of bread at St. Bassard's. Later on the same day, Fern, Juan, Jinxi, and Ursula Nidonge went to Madame Maude Lynn's Theater of Thrills, and Juan and Jinxi performed for the second time there. Fern and Jinxi were told by Juan that Master Ping wanted to meet them for a paying assignment. The next day, Fern and Jinxi met Ping at one of the offices at St. Bassard's, and were hired to guard a shipment because they didn't look like guards, as Ping said. On the next day, they boarded a carriage with the "cargo" being shipped, while also preventing Alarra from boarding it too, and met Damiran Fiddler inside. On its way, the carriage ran into a run-down neighborhood, then stopped and dipped to the right, then two masked men came and demanded coins and jewelry.

Session 21: "Twelve Rose Inn" Two masked men entered the carriage with Fern, Damiran and Jinxi inside and got curious about the locked box, but in the end decided not taking it and left, after one of them tasted spilled white powder and figured that it tasted like flour. Later, the carriage stopped by a one-story brick building somewhere in Outer Riverside Ward. The carriage driver unlocked its door, then Fern and Jinxi hauled the box inside and exited. The carriage driver then locked the door and drove away, telling the trio that they should leave the area too. The group was lost and soon noticed a group of five boys playing marbles, but didn't get much useful information from them. Some time later, the group found Twelve Rose Inn and thought that it the place that they were supposed to get their reward in. They got inside, were greeted by Jennifer the waitress, and ordered some food; soon, three officers of the Trynser City Municipal Force arrived. After eating, Fern, Damiran and Jinxi handed their given céntimos to her and asked her to bring "change" (which would be their reward). Then the waitress pointed to their table and a sergeant came over to the group, and told them that they were under arrest for treason against the Empire of Trynser.

Session 22: "Harbol the Horrible" After being arrested, Damiran Fiddler, Fern the Siegemaster, and Jinxi surrendered their weapons, got searched, and were questioned on their name, age, sex, race, occupation, residence, and marital status. Afterwards they got taken by four-horse wagon to The New Trynser City Municipal Jail in Inner Riverside Ward, and got locked together in a cell next to that of Eduard Porra, who looked like their carriage driver but not quite. After talking to him, Fern figured out that he was the person who was supposed to pick them up, but got their carriage and horses stolen, and it turned out that the box was delivered to the wrong place. Soon, Master Ping came and had them released on the condition that the missing item would be found (thanks to Ping's slip, Fern figured out that the box held the Globus Cruciger autem Dryas, a valuable artifact), and also told that Eduard's carriage and horses were found; everyone also had left one of their personal items so that they wouldn't disappear after leaving. The group soon met Juan de Fulmando and Audrea Daleos, Ping stayed to do some paperwork, while others got into Eduard's carriage with him driving it, and traveled to the storage building in which the box was left; the building was unlocked and empty. Fern started following tracks on foot; meanwhile, Jinxi approached two children (girls) played in a nearby meadow, and then the group (except Eduard, who didn't see that) got jump-scared by Harbol the Horrible, a humanoid, much taller than an average man, covered with hair, carrying two huge axes crossed on its back (the children weren't scared). Jinxi and Juan were about to fight him, but got told by Erisha, one of the children, to not hurt him. At this point, night was setting. Fern and Jinxi questioned the children and were told that one of their brothers saw the carriage driver who had transported the box return in a wagon with two men who talked about selling the Globus at an auction down the well house, along with some slaves and jewelry, and they figured the password which was "purple cock's egg".

Session 23: As Damiran Fiddler, Fern the Siegemaster, and Jinxi were walking back to Eduard's carriage, a group of three men and one woman walked to them and got interested in Jinxi. Soon one of them grabbed Jinxi and another started hitting them (unarmed). Fern got help in the form of Juan and Audrea as the attackers tried to run; the result of the fight was that one attacker got badly injured by Juan and lost consciousness, another got pinned to the ground by Fern, two others got hurt by Jinxi and Audrea's spell and asked to not be hurt. Fern intimidated the man that she pinned, who told her he was Will and that he was doing it to get a reward from Count Garundel Paltiog and that he has nothing to do with the little storage building (which held the box) nearby. Soon, a woman and a corporal Rathe Lane approached; after figuring out the situation, the corporal took away the four attackers. The group got into Eduard's carriage and traveled to Tucquew's Cabaret as quickly as they could, getting there at 23:15, 45 minutes before it'd be closed. They went down the stairs inside the well house and talked to a young woman there who blocked their way.

Session 24: Audrea Daleos, Damiran Fiddler, Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi and Juan de Fulmando learned of the next day's auction in Tucquew's Cabaret where the Globus Cruciger autem Dryas would be sold, met to discuss plans, and went to attend the auction.

Session 25: Audrea Daleos, Damiran Fiddler, Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi, Juan de Fulmand, and Master Donghai Ping attended the auction and help disguised TCMF members Dubrí Oché and Sgt. Otnot to catch three people who tried to escape; they turned out to be responsible for stealing the Globe and were arrested. Fern got a new friend, an arctic fox-person named "Crystal" (aka Eri Snow).

Session 26: Crystal (aka Eri Snow) took up temporary residence in Maisson Boulavier, Dase Bareface lost his goblin face, Fern received back the locksmithing tools and got a weapon license, Juan suggested Ping purchase the Witch on a Stick.

Session 27: Fern (along with some other students) was recommended to take part in Festival of Damira, Alarra Gormann and Scorpia Lee had a fight and were taken to the Dean's office. Fern and Juan went to Packer's Cave and met Sly Delgarro, a reforming thief who was recently released from prison.

Session 28: "Groundhog Day" Fern repaired some stuff in Packer's cave. On Groundhog Day, Eri and Jinxi both got a job at Madame Maude Lynn's Theater of Thrills as performers, and Sly got hired to help with rigging. Audrea, Fern, Juan, Sly, and Yagritte met Otto Mordh'Dhagai and watched Jinxi and Eri performing, afterwards they all (except Otto) walked to St. Bassard's and heard someone shouting "fire" as they got there.

Session 29: Fern, Audrea, Juan, Sly, Yagritte, Jinxi and Eri ran toward a burning tenement building and discovered that some people, apparently Sardaster's people, were trying to kill Professor Chalk who lived there while keeping other people away; the group got into a fight with them.

Session 30: Fern, Audrea, Juan, Sly, Yagritte, Jinxi and Eri kept fighting with hostile Sardaster's people and managed to save Kyrie (who got injured), Professor Chalk, and some others from fire. Out of 10 foes, four were killed.

Session 31:  Audrea Daleos, Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi, Juan de Fulmando, Sly Delgarro, and Yagritte Ratreaper helped people that got hurt by fire until TCMF officers made it there; on next day, they, along with Princess Alarra Gormann, Eliza Boulavier, Sister Henna Brenefar, Kyrie Kelevan, Rajzela Carnelian and Salomon Tilki, attended Audrea's birthday party in evening, but were interrupted by a bad storm.

Session 32: "Birthday Storm" People present at the birthday party of Audrea Daleos hid in a small room in Dragon Behind inn, along with its staff, waiting out the storm. Nobody among them got hurt, though some city buildings were severely damaged.

Session 33: For the next days before Festival of Leathane, Minigallith Atakares, which got near fatal injures during a fire at the Balsten Arms Building, Trynser City released a report on the recent storm, and Fuylu de Fulmando and Heva de Fulmando attended the 25th birthday party of Fuylu's close friend Salomon Tilki.

Session 34: "Festival of Leathane" Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi, and Juan de Fulmando went all together to St. Tanta Plaza to celebrate the Festival of Leathane. They visited the fortune-telling booth, worked by Kyrie Kelevan, who went with them to eat on her break; Eliza Boulavier also joined them later. Juan prevented Scorpia, Mugsey, Dase and Shermal from stealing something. The group then noticed two processions walking towards each other.

Session 35: "The Fighting Priestesses of Love" Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi, and Juan de Fulmando observed the processions participants fighting each other; during that, Fourth Ring of Leathane got stolen; the group went to investigate it and found some evidence which was later given to Trynser City Municipal Force.

Session 36: Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi, Juan de Fulmando and Kyrie Kelevan were trying to track down and discreetly follow two priestesses supposedly having something to do with the Fourth Ring of Leathane being stolen, them being Pilar Montecar and Kay Ishida.

Session 37: Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi, Juan de Fulmando and Kyrie Kelevan successfully caught Pilar Montecar who attempted to flee; when interrogated, she said that she gave the stolen ring to the Undying Flame sect. Later everyone went to sleep for the night. Audrea caused some trouble in Maisson Boulavier.

Session 38: There was a lottery whose prize was a ticket for a round trip from Trynser City to Milspar,  Millisymph, and back. Winners included Princess Alarra Gorman, Giles Mumfret, Kyrie Kelevan, and Validk Amryln; Eri Snow, Jinxi, and Williams Freedman were potential winners; Donghai Ping bought actual tickets for himself, his wife and son, and Juan de Fulmando. Jinxi, Juan de Fulmando, and Kyrie Kelevan then traveled to Greystone Castle.

Session 39: Audrea Daleos, Fern the Siegemaster, Juan de Fulmando, and Kyrie Kelevan followed Dindre Wendorth the Sardaster cultist to a group of buildings and saw them entering it; soon they noticed an old lady armed with a crossbow nearby.

Session 40: Audrea Daleos, Fern the Siegemaster, Juan de Fulmando, Kyrie Kelevan and Jinxi went to nearby Melgren's Tower building to get a better view of what was inside the area where the cultist they followed went; Fern and Kyrie climbed to the top on the outside where they were notced by Prince Leowine Vandarvaskard, who invited them in; Juan and Jinxi convinced the guard to let them in and follow them, and were almost kicked out, but joined Fern and Kyrie later; Audrea stayed down there, and later joined the rest of the group. In the open area they wanted to observe before, the group observed some actions being performed by Sardaster cultists on an unwilling man.

Session 41: Audrea Daleos, Fern the Siegemaster, Juan de Fulmando, Kyrie Kelevan and Jinxi assisted Prince Leowine and the Phantom Force in a fight against Sardaster cultists, saving Lon Sillavan, the teacher, from them; Kyrie was knocked unconscious during a fight, and Fern had to stay in hospital too.

Session 42: Juan de Fulmando told Audrea Daleos about traveling to Aborea to try to rescue his family. Fern and Kyrie were visited in hospital by people that knew them. Audrea Daleos got a temporary job at Yatzo's House of Ensorclement. Looking for a cook (Heva de Fulmando couldn't go on the trip to Millisymph), Master Ping took Fern as a cook after she demonstrated satisfactory cooking skills for Heva de Fulmando.

Session 43: Juan explained the most vital things that one would need to know if traveling to Millisymph to Princess Alarra Gormann, Fern the Siegemaster, Jinxi, Kyrie Kelevan, Audrea Daleos, Barbara Freedman, her husband Williams Freedman, and the Franke family of Osvald Franke, his wife Elizabeta Franke, and their young adult adult daughter Peppi Franke. Kyrie managed to get a stolen ticket returned to its actual owner just before the portal was opened; everyone who had tickets and people with stand-by tickets successfully got teleported to Millisymph.

Session 44: Master Donghai Ping, Donghai Xiang, Donghai Chang, Fern, Juan and Kyrie Keleavan took a wagon from El mesón de la rosa y el cangrejo to La posada de la paloma blanca as Jinxi stayed to entertain people; Fern and Kyrie have taken a wagon back afterwards and walked towards El Templo de Grebonia de Milspar so that Kyrie could deliver some books; in the temple Kyrie met Alicia, the woman who claimed to be her sister but not believably so; Rudibert alerted everyone of the bomb being outside.

Session 45: Fern and Kyrie ran outside of the temple; Fern went to check the bomb and eventually figured out that it was a fake one, and the non-harmful device was hauled away to be stored. After siesta, Fern and Kyrie went to meet Princess Alarra Gormann at the gate at El mesón de la rosa y el cangrejo, soon Juan arrived there too. Alarra received an invitation to Mojarósa's birthday party from the messenger of the king of Millisymph; as 6 people she could take with her there as well, she chose Sir Earnest Guzmann (man aged about 60), Phyllis Guzmann (Earnest's wife, woman aged about 60), Juan, Fern, Kyrie and Jinxi, all of whom agreed to go.

Session 46: Princess Alarra Gormann got invited to a nearby tavern named "La vaca negra" and went there; Sir Earnest Guzmann, Donghai Fern (Fern the Siegemaster), Jinxi, Juan Silvio-Vagle (Juan de Fulmando), Kyrie Kelevan, and Phyllis Guzmann went there with her. A group of people tried to kidnap Alarra as she was in the privy room, but she got saved by the rest of the group; kidnappers were caught too.

Session 47: Princess Alarra Gormann, Donghai Fern (Fern the Siegemaster), Jinxi, Juan Silvio-Vagle (Juan de Fulmando), and Kyrie Kelevan, accompanied by Sir Earnest Guzmann, exchanged Trynsern for Millisymphian money at El banco de la olla de oro, then went back to the nearby El mesón de la rosa y el cangrejo. Kyrie Kelevan, Oren Neel, and Clia Neel went to El templo de Grebonia de Milspar to discuss some matters about Kyrie's sister.

Session 48: Princess Alarra Gormann, Sir Earnest Guzmann, Master Donghai Ping, his wife Xiang Ping, their son Donghai Chang, Donghai Fern (Fern the Siegemaster), Juan de Fulmando (Juan Silvio-Vagle), Jinxi, Rebeca Perez and Kyrie Kelevan visited Mojarósa's 500th birthday party which went well; there was even a special cake for those who previously defused the "bomb". Donghai Ping, his wife Xiang Ping, their son Donghai Chang, Fern, Juan and Kyrie then traveled to Fulmando, where Fern successfully prepared a dish patas de cangrejo verde en salsa de aceituna, for the cooking contest. Kyrie Kelevan had a mission to get a Clovio lemon, and mistletoe from the holy oak tree; she could get the latter right away, but not the former, as some large creatures didn't allow anyone to get close to lemon tree.

Session 49: Fern, Juan and Kyrie successfully travelled from Fulmando to Sombrano after receiving information about the shorter road there from Pablo Cortez the priest; the group went to the local temple of Leathane where Kyrie successfully harvested the mistletoe for her mission. The group was then guided to the Clovis lemon tree by Celeste the acolyte and noticed green bears not allowing anyone to get close to it; as bears got distracted, Juan managed to get a pair of lemons; the group later got back to Trynser City with no issues. Later on, Juan, among other people, left Trynser City, heading for Aborea to rescue slaves there, including his own family.

Session 50: "Holy Humerus" Fern talked with Otto Mordh'Dhagai in St. Bassard's administrative office, and later on visited Lyus Sleyden to discuss matters on Mordh'Dhagai clan; while there, she met Eri Snow, Kyrie Kelevan and Minigallith Atakares. After walking around for a while and visiting a book store, the group got into a commotion caused on the street by Priest of Kriegdor named Elder Brice "Red" Westhowl who offered 500 dragons to anyone who would return him a relic that was stolen by a dog; Eri was the one who got him the relic back, so the group went with the priest to claim their reward.

Session 51: "Bathing Beauties" After getting their reward, Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Kyrie Kelevan, Minigallith Atakares decided to visit a small group bath; they noticed and caught Rajzhela Carnelian who was trying to spy on them there; she joined the group. Eri bought Fern a new robe, Minigallith bought some toys at the toy shop. Later, Minigallith discovered that Lyus Sleyden is one step removed from her real father, and Fern finally managed to discuss the Mordh'Dhagai situation with Lyus Sleyden in detail. Fern also had to deal with the conflict between Turgan Tin-Finger and Mugsey Dormp, and later sent Turgan to find out what Razjhela Carnelian and Scorpia Lee were up to.

Session 52: "Bagged" Fern woke up at morning after having a nightmare. Meanwhile, Minigallith Atakares and Eri Snow met Thuddeus Gunch and Turgan Tin-Finger; they talked to them and found out that Turgan was hanged up from the bridge at midnight. Mini and Eri took Turgan with them and walked to St. Bassard's and talked to Prof. Katerina Smartcat there about it; she tried to find Rajzhela who, as she was told, was responsible for it, but couldn't find her as Rajzhela fled. Fern managed to track down Rajzhela by scent, and they talked a bit as they walked back to St. Bassard's. As that was happening, Mini, Eri and Turgan found Scorpia at St. Bassard's and questioned her.

Session 53: "Fern's Birthday" Eri Snow, Minigallith Atakares, and Turgan Tin-Finger wished Fern happy birthday as she returned; Eri gave her a gift: wooden box containing a microscope. Afterwards, Rajzhela Carnelian came in along with Prof. Katerina Smartcat. Rajzhela and Turgan both told a bit about what they know about what happened, and Rajzhela apologized by buying everyone ice cream. Fern and Mini talked to the Prof. Katerina Smartcat privately about the situation. Eri, Fern and Mini then went to celebrate Fern's birthday at Oswald's in the Commerce Crossing building.

Session 54: "Don't Trigger the Mini" Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, and Minigallith Atakares went to Eri's home at Maisson Boulavier to meet Juan Silvio-Vagle, but they found that he isn't home at the moment and there was only Audrea; the group talked to her about different things; afterwards the group, along with Audrea, walked to St. Bassard's. On their way there they saw a group of boys playing kickball; Mini caught the ball that accidentally went flying her direction and got asked for a dance by one of the playing boys, Zig; the group then walked to Fern's room. The group questioned Rajzhela about recent events related to Turgan, but discovered that she didn't remember anything. The group then went to a dance; during the dance Princess Alarra got attacked by a boy who was dancing with her, and she fell down.

Session 55: "Royal Blood" Terron Gorgonshield, the boy who attacked Princess Alarra, got quickly taken out of fight by Asric, with the help of Minigallith, Fern the Siegemaster and Katerina Smartcat. Minigallith and Zig managed to heal Alarra, but were overexerted and knocked unconscious themselves. Afterwards, TCMF officers arrived, who have taken away Terron, and Mini and Zig recovered. Fern gathered Alarra's blood as it was a good alchemical ingredient. Jinxi ran off for a performance at Madame Maude Lynn's Theater of Thrills. Next day, Minigallith Atakares went to services at The Palace of the Lady With Seven Golden Rings.

Session 56: "A Wolf at Their Throat" Princess Alarra apologized to Fern (privately) for treating her horribly for last five years. Princess Alarra, Fern, Mini, Audrea, Henna and Rajzhela decided to go to Kelled's Theatre; on their way there, they noticed a strange-looking four-inch-tall humanoid creature of unknown origin; after it was picked up, Mini carried it along with her, then the group got to the theatre and listened to the music.

Session 57: The group, including Princess Alarra, Fern, Audrea and Mini, were invited into the room with Prince Valen, and they accepted it; soon, Alarra suddenly tried to punch the prince, but was stopped (which Alarra later explained to have happened due to him touching her inappropriately). Alarra then decided to leave, walking towards St. Bassard's; the group followed her. They showed the small humanoid creature to Professor Katerina Smartcat, but she didn't know what it is either, so they went to visit Master Pei Zhing to ask him about it. From him they got an answer that it was a "billiken"; they kept the creature. At night, Mini tried to use dreaming to figure out for sure what happened to Turgan at the bridge. At night, Fern got an insight related to steam engine she was working on.

Session 58: Mini sold a pint of royal blood to Master Ping, but gave the money to Juan Silvio-Vagle who said he'd use it for his recently-freed sister Yesenia. Mini visited Fern at her workshop; Turgan was there too at the moment; Mini told them about her dream. Fern and Mini then visited Zig Kazhalara, and then went to talk to Professor Katerina Smartcat, discussing Festival of Damira projects, the billiken, Mini's job and her dream as well. Around midnight, Fern was awoken by Rajzhela, followed her and met Professor Katerina Smartcat waiting at the stairs.

Session 59: Fern took part in a "secret" night-time training session led by Professor Katerina Smartcat, along with Rajzhela, Scorpia and Lyndara Xlayde; as the group was outside near Gammick's Quarry, hiding Scorpia got spotted by Juan who was running by, and she had to return to St. Bassard's, but rejoined the group later; they all returned to St. Bassard's afterwards. Later, Professor Katerina Smartcat told Minigallith Atakares (who was having trouble trying to teach people that were her fellow students until recently) about the After-Class Exercise Club and offered the job of an assistant teacher to her; after some thinking, Mini decided to accept it.

Session 60: Fern discussed the possibiltiy of using charcoal for her steam engine project with Prof. Nicholas Rondu. Soon Minigallith Atakares arrived and got introduced by the professor as a new assistant teacher. Afterwards an Imperial Page Corps boy arrived, handing over letters to both Mini and Fern, saying that they are summoned for the case of Terron attacking Alarra and should be going tomorrow; later they learned that Alarra and Prof. Katerina Smartcat got the same letters. Next day, all those who received letters went along with Lyus Sleyden to speak with the judge and answer his questions. Trial result was that Terron is to be held at the Quarryside Juvenile Penitentiary until he's 16, when further decision will be made upon his trial.

Session 61: The group consisting of Prof. Katerina Smartcat, Minigallith Atakares, and students Deldin Zlomar, Fern the Siegemaster, Lyndara Xlayde, Oscar Ragnar, Rajzhela Carnelian, Rico Wylde, Royce Hammer, and Scorpia Lee during night went to Giela Bortanye neighborhood, the local Bortan enclave, as part of After-Class Exercise Club activities, climbing on top of one of Bortan buildings. Those who could understand Bortan were trying to overhear the Bortans talking about things. Soon the group got themselves in the middle of a conflict between Bortans and Verintalians, but managed to leave unnoticed. Fern sprained both legs after a fall, but got healed soon.

Session 62: Minigallith Atakares, Fern the Siegemaster and Eri Snow went to the bookstore named Paper Grotto, to get some books; they met Kyrie Kelevan and Eliza Boulavier there. Soon Mini and Fern heard the sound of a gate spell happening downstairs, and went to investigate it, noticing a raven-headed guy, and many ravens holding books flying around; soon he made Kyrie disappear and disappeared himself. Eliza disappeared too, but the group could find two books having names of Kyrie and Eliza on them, and called Master Pei Zhing to help figure out what happened.

Session 63: As Minigallith Atakares, Fern the Siegemaster and Eri Snow were figuring out how to get back Eliza Boulavier and Kyrie Kelevan who have disappeared but left behind magical books with their autobiography, Corporal Corvira Levlor arrived to investigate; Fern told her what happened. Eventually, Belwraith and Rollo each wrote in a book so as to have Eliza and Kyrie returned to the bookstore, and they did reappear unharmed; the group went to sleep afterwards as it was early morning. On next day, six horsemen, chased by Akira Kinpatsu on a horse, rushed by Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Kyrie Kelevan, and Minigallith Atakares as they were together walking; nobody among the group got hurt by them, but other people were. Fern and Kyrie treated those who were injured.

Session 64: Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Kyrie Kelevan, and Minigallith Atakares were looking for a way to locate the riders responsible for hurting people (who apparently were nobles) and have them be punished for it; they talked with Lieutenant Feyannyha Lacourbeshay, then went to St. Bassard's to get Baroness Lyndara Xlayde, one of students, to join the group; Rajzhela Carnelian also joined them. The group then split in two then rejoined again near TCMF, and were allowed to bring Corporal Corvira Levlor along with them on an "unofficial mission". They then took a coach and crossed the bridge, heading towards Central Ward. Soon Mini and Fern saw two of the riders they were looking for.

Session 65: Corporal Corvira Levlor, Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Kyrie Kelevan, Baroness Lyndara Xlayde, Minigallith Atakares, and Rajzhela Carnelian followed the horsemen who were heading towards the bridge that the group crossed earlier; the group's carriage crossed the bridge again. Soon they saw one of horsemen (who turned out to be Lord Sulerand) hitting a woman (who turned out to be Shamenell Garrok, an author and a bookseller), they treated her wound and talked to her. Thanks to the information the woman had about nobles in general, the group could determine who the riders would most likely be, and she said she'd help gather information on them as well. The group then headed home, and Eri reported to the constable.

Session 66: Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Kyrie Kelevan, Minigallith Atakares, Rajzhela Carnelian and Audrea Daleos gathered together to go to the Shadowfall Night Market; they had to talk to Sophie Lahnkara near the entrance to Shadowfall before going in. On their way to Shadowfall Night Market, the group was attacked by a group of six men armed with swords, but managed to defend themselves; one man was killed, another was knocked unconscious as he tried to flee (she was later treated by Kyrie and left alone, still unconscious), and four others fleed; the group took some things from downed foes to compensate for healing. The group soon got to Shadowfall Night Market, met Shamenell Garrok who was selling books, and bought some books from her.

Session 67:  Audrea Daleos, Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Kyrie Kelevan, Minigallith Atakares, and Rajzhela Carnelian went to Madame Maude Lynn's Theater of Thrills; as it was an "amateur night", Fern and Mini took part in the performance. Jinxi also took part in a performance which was made to mock the nobles riding through the city before, who were there during it. Fern gave some advices to Rollo about fireproofing the theater, and Mini talked to a medusa named Miss Slither for a while.

Session 68: Fern was working on the steam boat, and it was also the day for the after-class exercise club training; Fern asked Prof. Smartcat about what she should do; she worked on the steam engine until she had to go to the training, but was questioned by Mugsey Dormp about it before she left. The training involved weapons training, and the students sparred with each other. Later, the group was told to get to Zarmit's Needle and meet on the bridge over the Cut; Fern got there some time later than others. Fern and Mini then noticed an old man walking (and then crawling) down on the street (he was later found to be named Rufus Barnel), who was dying, and also met Asathene, a girl who turned out to be a vampire and wanted to stop the old man's suffering by killing him. Fern and Mini couldn't help the man, and he died.

Session 69: Juan Silvio-Vagle, Fern, Eri, Audrea and Kyrie were hired by Gimler Rockhand the dwarf, who had to pick up some cargo from Zigon the Sanitator, the alchemist who lived in Temples ward, to act as guards for him during the trip. On next day's morning, the group met Gimler and walked along with him; as they were passing through an area full of burnt-out buildings, someone shot crossbows at them.

Session 70: Juan Silvio-Vagle, Fern, Eri, Audrea, Kyrie and Gimler were in a fight against the crossbowmen who were up in a building. Fern and Gimler stayed back, Fern tried firing her rifle at them; meanwhile, other party members started running towards the shooters while they fired, but nobody got hit. Juan made some smoke appear, reached the building first and heard running from the other side of the building.

Session 71: The party consisting of Juan Silvio-Vagle, Fern, Eri, Audrea, Kyrie and Gimler eventually managed to get people who attacked them to surrender (of which there were two swordsmen and two crossbowmen); one swordsman was killed by Juan due to a lucky strike, others were taken alive; no party members were injured during the fight. The attackers later said that they tried to rob the party, and the party decided to turn them in to the authorities.

Session 72: Audrea Daleos, Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Gimler Rockhand, Juan Silvio-Vagle, and Kyrie Kelevan went to the exit from Temples Ward to give the subdued bandits to Corporal Akira Kinpatsu; they then went to a casino to rest since Audrea was drained from using magic during battle, and were met there by Fuylu and Heva; the group also played in there a bit. After the group went back into Temples, they met children begging for change among other desperate people, but nobody gave money to them. As Juan stepped on a bridge the group wanted to cross, it turned into putty and grabbed his foot.

Session 73: The bridge turned out to be a mimic; Audrea Daleos, Eri Snow, Fern the Siegemaster, Gimler Rockhand, Juan Silvio-Vagle, and Kyrie Kelevan fought against it and made it flee, nobody among them got hurt. They then continued on their way until they met Zigon the Sanitator, and then followed him to his homestead and workshop, where he showed the group his creations; several people of the group bought masks that protected against unpleasant smells. The group then went back to Temples Ward gate.

Session 74: Audrea, Eri, Fern, Juan, and Kyrie were paid by Gimler for their work; they then took Fern back to her dorm and went to their homes. On next day, they discussed what to do with weapons that they looted from the attackers; eventually they decided to wait for an opportunity to sell them later, and stashed them at St. Bassard's workshops; on the same day Fern put up notices about selling weapons.

Session 75: On next day, having misunderstood how the group wanted to handle weapon selling, Fern sold the weapons to two men on the streets and got some money and a gold chain for it, and visited Juan, Audrea, Eri and Kyrie to report it; Juan got angry after he heard about that. Juan brought Fern to St. Bassard's and discussed the situation with Prof. Katerina Smartcat. Afterwards, the group reported to Trynser City Municipal Force to ask about whether the gold chain was reported as stolen or not; they were told by Blackeye Snarkin that it wasn't reported as stolen yet, but very likely is. The group then had it evaluated at pawn shop, but didn't sell it. On next day, Mini was told that there will be an inspection on that day, done by Princess Imperial Alexandria and Prince Imperial Valen. As the inspection was ongoing, Princess Alarra refused to show respect to the prince, but the troubles were avoided, and Prince Valen apologized for his previous behaviour to her. After inspection, Princess Alexandria had Alarra summoned to the conference room.

Session 76: Fern and Mini went to Alarra's room (that was also the room of Fern, Rajzhela and Henna) and found Alarra and Henna there, and discussed the earlier incident of Alarra misbehaving in regards to Prince Valen. Alarra, Katerina Smartcat, Mini, Fern and Rajzhela then went to a room in the administration building. Soon, Princess Alexandria and Prince Valen arrived (along with other people accompanying them), and the discussion started about Alarra's earlier misbehaving, but it ended after Alarra said that she wants Bortania back, with Prince Valen saying that he will arrange it and Princess Alexandria disagreeing. Once the group returned to Alarra's room, they saw an insult to Alarra painted on the room's door; soon they found out that a female student named Brina Tammett did it; she was asked to clean it up. In evening, Fern told Alarra about her concept of steam-powered armored vehicle.

Session 77: Fern met up with two men in a small alley and sold weapons she had stored, in exchange for some money and a gold chain. Later, Audre, Eri, Kyrie, and Juan brought Clive Bustus who wanted to look at the sold weapons, but Fern said she already sold them; Juan was angry after he learned this, and Clive left. After Juan talked privately to Katerina Smartcat about Fern, the group went to report to Trynser City Municipal Force. Blackeye Snarkin said that the chain is most likely stolen but they didn't hear anything about it yet; the group went to have it appraised in a Grictus' pawn shop first, planning to let TCMF keep it for now, but noticed Jinxi's poppet Jack on one of the shelves there.

Session 78: The group tried to ask Grictus about the person who brought in the poppet, and found out that the person wasn't Jinxi; Fern could tell that the poppet had blood and unfamillar scents on it. The group then went to TCMF and were told that they found Jinxi dead, though later it turned out that it was someone else who is male and wearing Jinxi clothes, that they possibly were killed by Jinxi's poppet, and that the body also had the mark of The Burned Claw, a bunch of notorious criminals and killers. Kyrie then cast a spell to track Jinxi and found out that Jinxi was on a major road outside of town.

Session 79: The party discovered that the corpse they suspected of being Jinxi wasn't actually them; the corpse also had a mark of The Burned Claw. Using magic, Kyrie found out that actual Jinxi is on the road to Delternas at the moment. The group then took a carriage and went to Delternas to find Jinxi; other people in the same carriage included Otto Mordh'Dhagai, Ranthe Daviesse (the fox-person), and some other mysterious-looking person; all of them went their own ways once the carriage arrived to its destination. As the group found Jinxi, they were hit by a large dart.

Session 80: While the group looking to find who launched the dart at Jinxi, Juan spotted the mysterious person they saw in the carriage before, just as he tried to run away; Juan ran after him, Fern shot the mysterious person to stop him, but later it turned out that he was running to get help and was named Docylynn. It also turned out that the dart was covered with the contact poison; Jinxi and Kyrie were affected by it, and got knocked unsconscious; both soon got healed by a priest. Afterwards, Audrea said that she saw Ranthe Daviesse throwing the dart at Jinxi; as a group of about eight Archducal Delternan Marines arrived, the party convinced her to let Fern try to track the attacker by scent, but she couldn't smell anything and just managed to find an empty posion vial nearby. Everyone was then brought to the neighborhood hall and interrogated, and then released; Fern avoided trouble thanks to Docylynn claiming that the shot missed. The group then went back to Trynser.

Session 81: Fern achieved a success in getting the steam engine she was building to work; at the same time, Mini was assisting Prof. Katerina Smartcat in the magic lab, to test magic potential in students. Fern was sent to do bathroom cleaning duty, and met Rajzhela and Scorpia there too; turned out they already have finished cleaning. The students got curious about the hatch leading down in that room, which isn't normally visible. Then Prof. Katerina Smartcat showed up, and after some talking, allowed students to go down that hatch along with Mini, as long as they don't tell anyone. The group found recently displaced bricks which opened a corridor, which had a caution sign near it; as Rajzhela and Scorpia already walked there, and Mini and Fern stepped on it too, the floor collapsed, dropping everyone down.

Session 82:  Fern, Minigallith, Rajzhela and Scorpia fell down into a room, but nobody among them was seriously hurt. They examined the room but didn't find anything particularly interesting; Minigallith went to find Prof. Smartcat. Soon Scorpia was attacked by a giant badger hiding behind a small passage; Fern killed the badger by stabbing it in the eye and Scorpia was saved but had to go to hospital later; as that was happening; Minigallith arrived along with Prof. Smartcat. Later on, Prof. Smartcat told others that she will be in some trouble due to the incident.

Session 83:  Fern, Minigallith and Rajzhela went to visit Scorpia who was recovering at the hospital and used magic to communicate with her for a bit since she couldn't speak; Mugsey Dormp came in later as well. Fern, Minigallith and Rajzhela then went to watch a military parade, as it was a Festival of Herix. They boarded on Wayno's Bus and rode through Weaver's Warren borough to Old Palace Ward, and then went to Alexander's Forum and listened to Emperor Artemius VII's speech, who appeared to be in bad health, and they discussed succession. Juan, Jinxi, Eri and Audrea also went to the parade, but were watching it in Cauldron Borough instead.

Session 84:  Fern, Minigallith and Rajzhela watched Chad and Chuckie Zhing give a demonstration of offensive magic, during which Phazimella, the courtesan half-elf (who also had Sixapharilla, a pixie), talked to Minigallith and flirted with her, and then joined the group. The group then went to Ralen's Arena, one half of which was filled with water and had ships on it, and the other half had soldiers; who were supposed to repel the 'invasion' as a staged fight. Soon, a gateway opened, from which a lot of winged flying demonic monkeys appeared, who then started attacking everyone around with javelins. The group was unsure at first if it's for real, but then decided to escape; just as they were doing that, Phazimella was seriously wounded by one of the monkeys; Fern picked her up and the group went behind cover, but it turned out that Phazimella was dead. Fern grabbed a rifle from one of the dead soldiers and fired at one of the monkeys, and missed, but attracted its attention. Fern was wounded by the monkey, but Minigallith managed to cast a spell to heal her, as Rajzhela and arriving Eri helped to kill the monkey that attacked Fern. Soon, a burst of magic blew remaining monkeys out of the sky.

Session 85: The group was unsure at first if demonic monkey attack was for real, but then decided to escape; just as they were doing that, Phazimella was seriously wounded by one of the monkeys; Fern picked her up and the group went behind cover, but it turned out that Phazimella was dead. Fern grabbed a rifle from one of the dead soldiers and fired at one of the monkeys, and missed, but attracted its attention. Fern was wounded by the monkey, but Minigallith managed to cast a spell to heal her, as Rajzhela and arriving Eri helped to kill the monkey that attacked Fern. Soon, a burst of magic blew remaining monkeys out of the sky. At the same time the group consisting of Ragnar, Audrea, Eliza, Eri, Jinxi, Juan, and Yesenia were defending themsleves against attacking monkeys; Eri soon sprinted away, as Ragnar was wounded but continued to fight. Later, Juan and Yesenia, among other people, were providing medical aid to the wounded. Later, an announcement was made that gate and teleportation magic is forbidden until further notice.

Session 86: Eri, Fern, Mini, and Rajzhela kept helping with the wounded, and helped identify some of the dead people, especially St. Bassard's students. As the group examined Phazimella's stuff, they found, among other things, a brass key that they later to open room rented by Phazimella at Imperial Grand Hotel; the group went there. After some time looking around, they found a coin and some other things; Fern discovered that the coil actually can pop open to reveal a tiny but complex looking key, which later turned out to open a box containing some gear small enough to be used by Sixapharilla.

Session 87: As Eri, Fern, Minigallith, Rajzhela and Sixapharilla were in the Imperial Grand Hotel, they decided to thoroughly search the room they were in, and found a letter addressed to Prince Leowine Vandarvaskard and sent by the Gate Guardians of Kasteban; it was in a sealed envelope, but despite that Minigallith managed to read it, and it turned out to be a warning about gate magic and calls for help from the prince. The group decided to deliver the letter, and went to Old Palace Ward where they saw the prince; Rajzhela tried to steal the letter from Minigalith as the group was walking up to him, but was caught. Upon receiving the letter, the prince thanked the group and said that the letter had very critical information.

Session 88: Professor Clarence Smartcat gathered Chloris Jennigan, Fern, Mugsey Dormp, Sherrod Urnen, Snowy Zeddick, and Turgan Tin-Finger (they were working on Festival of Damira project) to tell them due to the recent ban on gate and teleportation magic, the festival may be cancelled unless things change. On the next day though, it was announced that the ban was lifted and therefore the festival was back on. Later, Turgan told Fern that there were two new students that she was supposed to show the workshop; they introduced themselves as Mal and Fema. Fern had some suspicions about them and kept an eye on them, and soon they left. Fern checked the workshop and thought that nothing was missing after their visit. Later, the project group decided to do a test run of steam engine, but discovered that it wasn't doing much because a piston was missing, and suspected that the two students she met before stole it. After some discussion and Fern thinking that teleportation magic could be used to remove the piston, Fern tried to track the supposed students by scent, and found some gnome and human tracks, which she followed to a carriage stop, where the tracks disappeared. After some thinking, Professor Clarence said that one of school staff members remembered than United Lar Academy had a teleportation-related project planned for the Festival of Damira, so the group decided to get there on a carriage. Soon after they got there, it turned out that the two students were indeed there and were actually named Ginima Noma and Macon; Macon attempted to hide the piston, but it was found anyway; the group took it and got back to St. Bassard's, and managed to get the steam engine working fine. On Damirin 9, Festival of Damira happened; the steam engine got the first place.

Session 89: After winners were announced, Butlim Snapras of Vivimi Academy (who worked on building a demon dust engine) said that St. Bassard's sabotaged their engine. While nobody could confirm that St. Bassard's did it, Juan could confirm that demon dust indeed was sabotaged; someone added something to it that made it unstable. Eri then arrived and said that she was proud of Fern and said that a show about the Rat King will be happening at Madame Maude Lynn's Theater of Thrills, and that Fern could go for free. Eri, Fern, and Juan later met in a room with Mojarósa, who actually proved to be the owner of gold chain that Fern got as a payment; Mojarósa offered the group to find out who stole the chain if they wanted to get the full price of it as payment; the group decided to think about it and discuss it with other people involved first. Later, Mugsey told Fern that Otto Mordh'Dhagai wanted to talk to them; Fern and Juan decided to follow Mugsey.

Session 90: The group arrived to listen to the announcements made by James Lippman; among other things, he announced the return of  the Imperial Crown Prince Roderick Charles Lucan Galderon, heir to the throne of the Empire of Trynser; everyone cheered and Fern was one of people firing salute from a pistol (with no projectile) provided by Juan, in Prince Roderick's honor. Soon, Chloris, Fern, Mugsey, Sherrod, Snowy, and Turgan, along with Professor Clarence Smartcat, attended a meeting with Otto Mordh'Dhagai, who offered two students a position with the Mordh'Dhagai family. Mugsey accepted the offer, but Fern didn't take it. After talking a bit about the people that Fern sold weapons to, the group went to see Madame Maude Lynn's Theater of Thrills to see people wearing clogs dancing; Fern could recognize two of them to be the same people that she sold the weapons to; after group managed to talk to them, they identified themselves as Omar and Dilmen, but when told about the situation, they refused to give any deails about the deal as they respect the privacy of their clients.

Session 91: Mojarósa had given the group a sealed letter to identify Eri, Fern, Juan, Audrea and Kyrie, to personnel at the Twelve Rose Inn, and said that nobody knows about the theft except the group and some inn staff. The group decided to find Audrea and Kyrie to ask whether they think they should take Mojarósa's offer of higher reward if the thieves are caught; Kyrie was busy that day and the group decided to go see her next day; everyone then got to their homes. Next day, Audrea, Eri, Fern, Juan, and Kyrie arrived at the inn and talked to innkeeper named Mamwucza, and gave her Mojarósa's sealed letter. As group tried to investigate the place where the thievery happened, Fern didn't find any sign of intrusion in the room.

Session 92: After some more discussion without any actual conclusions being made, Mamwucza left and returned with Vasati Wranlar, the upstairs chamber maid, who, after some time was spent asking her, told the group about a ghost appearing in the inn some time ago, and that there was a guest wearing a Sardaster amulet who wanted to see it, but disappeared after Vasati opened the door to the room; the group figured out that he most likely was the thief. The group then went downstairs to check this guest's name in guest's list, though he was just listed as "John Smith". Soon, a man and a woman said they wanted to check out because of "thefts", while another man was recommending Sether Inn, and soon they left. The group decided to follow the man and saw a carriage outside with the man in it; after a brief talk, the carriage tried to move, but couldn't, because Fern loosened the wheels. The man tried to escape by running away, but was caught by Fern and brought back. As the man accidentally referred to ther other man in carriage as Master Sether, the group figured out who he really is; he tried to get the group to say they found nothing by paying them more, but the group refused; Fern fixed the carriage; the group later received the reward from Mojarósa. Later, Mugsey Dormp started working for Otto Mordh'Dhagai and left St. Bassard's. Fern made a suit of light plate armor for herself.

Session 93: Audrea, Fern, Juan, Yesenia, Ursula, and Yagritte went to Madame Maude Lynn's Theater of Thrills to watch the show named "Terror of the Rat King!", based on how the group was dealing with the Rat King before; everyone except Audrea and Yesenia admitted for free due to them taking part in those events, though it turned out that it had little to do with what really happened. Later, as Mini tutored Fern the Siegemaster in thaumatology at St. Bassard's, Gina Atakares walked in and said that Sir Beibalar Zinmaer, who could possibly be Mini's father, is outside in a carriage; Fern and Mini both walked out to go see him, and Mini cast a spell on him to find out he really was Mini's father; they both were happy to meet each other.

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